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Welcome to CrossFit Velox

An excercise routine minus the routine — this is constantly changing workouts built on functional movements.

These workouts are designed to be completely scalable and as intense as you allow. We provide a safe, fun, supportive environment for any one of any age and ability to attain the once thought unattainable. Walk through the door—give this 100% and it will change your life!!



Ja' Cinda King
Ja' Cinda King
Ja’Cinda King first began CrossFit in March of 2012.  In that same year she attended her first competition, as a spectator, and instantly fell in love with the competition aspect of CrossFit.

She was also drawn to the camaraderie that CrossFit inspires. She continued in her personal CrossFit journey and competed in her first competition. Striving for her own success was never enough; she began studying and decided she would get her Level 1. CrossFit became a way of life and something she couldn’t help but share with everyone. Ja’Cinda has a passion for competing as an athlete, but more than that, for helping to push people to become the very best version of themselves they can possibly be.

2013 was a big year for Ja’Cinda. She achieved her Level 1 and began coaching small, private sessions.  At this point she starting see the tremendous impact that CrossFit had on her clients. She then fell in love with an entirely different aspect of the sport: watching athletes grow in confidence as their physical fitness improves.

In addition to her Level 1, Ja’Cinda holds certifications in Mobility, Gymnastics, and Kid’s CrossFit.  She received her Kid’s CrossFit Certification in September of 2015. She then started the Kids CrossFit program at CrossFit Velox. She loves seeing kids become strong physically, but also mentally confident through CrossFit. She has seen many milestones.

As now Owner and Manager of CrossFit Velox, Ja’Cinda is excited to see how her athletes’ fitness journey continuously grows and changes.

Justin Slaugter
Justin Slaugter
Justin has not only been interested but involved in fitness for many years. The gym has taken on a sense of sanctuary to him. Originally from California, Justin moved to Elk City and

quickly found himself in the local gyms  meeting new people and gaining knowledge when and where he could. It wasn’t long before he crossed paths with Tyler Smith and began working out at CrossFit Velox. With the drive to learn more, Justin proceeded to obtain his Level One certificate not knowing he would become a coach but to simply absorb all he could and better himself. Justin has now been coaching CrossFit athletes since 2013. Justin specializes in weightlifting movements like deadlift, squats, clean & jerk and snatch to name a few. His plethora of knowledge about the movement of the human body is impressive. His passion to always be learning something new spills over to his athletes and coaches and has assisted them in correcting major to even the most minute adjustments to obtain their goals.

Brian Pierce
Brian Pierce
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Colbey Hanson
Colbey Hanson
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Wayne Poole
Wayne Poole
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  • Check your Ego at the door. You are only here to compete against yourself! Remember, somewhere there is an athlete warming up with your 1RM!

  • Be on time, however Don’t Start Early. Take time to mobilize, stretch, converse, but if you start the warm-up early you get to warm up again.

  • Respect our equipment. Never drop an empty barbell. This includes in the process of undressing your bar. Do not drop a kettlebell. If you can’t set it down, it’s too heavy.

  • Don’t cheat!! Do every REP!! You will NEVER get better cutting REPS!!

  • Take ownership. Be responsible and respectful and take pride in your box. This means picking up after yourself and your children!

  • If you use it, wipe it down. If you bleed, sweat, pee, etc…clean it up.

  • Introduce yourself to newbies!! We are more than a BOX – we are a family!

  • If the coach says stop, STOP! We are here to teach you and push you, but also to protect you!

  • Every class has a coach. You are the athlete. Be the athlete and let the coaches COACH.

  • The workout isn’t over until the last athlete finishes! You are expected to put your equipment away but not until every athlete has finished the WOD. Stand, sit down, collapse, whatever you need to do, but support every athlete still working!

  • Dress Code – dress like an adult! We are all here to work out! No one wants to see your butt cheeks or your cleavage.

  • Be loud!! Grunt, scream, yell – do whatever it takes to get yourself through the workout and then to pull your fellow athletes through.

  • Be mindful of your language – especially when there are children in the BOX. Even if you would curse around your own children, others might not. In the presence of a child, if the F-bomb is dropped there will be a 10 burpee penalty!

  • Be patient! Injuries come from impatience. Don’t be greedy. Slow down. Ask questions. Ask for help. Upward progression in strength, speed, and ability WILL COME.

Try this amazing sport.

Be the best version of yourself.