I started Crossfit Velox at the age of 61. I was out-of-shape and overweight. My cholesterol was high, and my triglycerides were out-of-sight! All of my blood work was bad. My family has a history of heart problems at an early age — including my dad, who died of heart problems young. I needed a life change!!

All of my family were working out at CrossFit Velox, and they loved it! I could see the difference it made in their lives. They found new friends — and more importantly, they became healthier. I decided to give CrossFit Velox in Elk City a try. When I went, I found out how out-of-shape I really was!!

Ja’Cinda  — along with the other coaches — worked patiently with me on my level of fitness, and I could see my progress. My breathing became better, I was motivated to eat healthier meals, and I began feeling better at my job.

When it was time for my yearly physical, my doctor said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it!” My cholesterol had lowered tremendously (into the normal range), along with my triglycerides! My complete bloodwork looked great. And on top of that — I’d lost 25 lbs.

Attending CrossFit Velox completely changed my life, and now I hope to enjoy my family a little longer!! Besides my health improvements, I’ve met awesome new friends who encourage all the athletes at Velox!

I just want to THANK Ja'Cinda along with the other coaches at CrossFit Velox. You helped me change my life and keep living!!



  • Lost 25lbs
  • Feels better
  • Lowered cholesterol & triglycerides



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