“CrossFit has been life changing for me. I started a year and a half ago after chemo and radiation. Wanted to gain some strength. Everyone at Velox is so good at starting you off slow and encouraging you to work up. I’m one of the older ones but I can tell you I’ve never felt better! So don’t let CrossFit scare you. It is for everyone.”
– Dewana Wynn

“As people age they lose muscle and flexibility. CrossFit is a great way to combat the effects of aging. I (Renae) have chronic asthma and am at high risk for developing COPD. Regular exercise has been proven to improve lung function. Greg and I enjoy meeting new people and socializing. We attend classes three times a week and have benefited tremendously”
– Renae and Greg Dodson

“Thank you for making these past three years a great life changing achievement. When I walked into Velox, I weighed 365 lbs. I was for sure this was another beginning of a soon to fail attempt at getting healthy. Boy was I wrong! Modifications of the workouts were made. With encouragement of coaches and support of other members I returned day after day. Progress was made. Goals were set and achieved. Then more goals were made. Within my first year I lost 100 lbs and was able to stop all my diabetic and cholesterol medicine. I have lost over 140lbs to date and have gained a whole new perspective of life!

What Velox offers is far greater than just a workout program. It is a complete mind, body, and emotional transformation. Not only do you all educate, train, and encourage, you also have a great influence on me because you live what you preach. Thank you for answering my phone calls every day for my first 2 weeks. You assured me I really wasn’t going to die. Your education in nutrition is such a great help. Thank you for strapping my feet in the rowing machine for me on my first day! You were right…… It doesn’t get any easier, but you do get better at it. Your “good job Jen” has gotten me through more than you know. Ja’Cinda, what an inspiration you truly are. You’re very observant and pay close attention to the details. You keep me safe but also push me far beyond what I think I can do. The confidence that you have when you say “you got this” has gained my entire trust in you. You have taught me so much, not just in the box but in every aspect of this life changing experience. For this I thank you. Keep up the great work and know you make a difference in people’s lives!”
– Jenn Thomas

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